Spiritual Cancer


Greetings Fellow Sojourner!

I recently had thyroid cancer surgery. The process began because my doctor noticed my thyroid was swollen during a yearly physical exam, but instead of keeping this observation to himself, he shared it with me, which led to an ultrasound, biopsy and then surgery.

“You have thyroid cancer.”

His statement did not cause feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, or warm fuzziness, quite the opposite, I felt uncomfortable, uncertain, unhappy. Honestly I did not like his statement, it made me feel bad about myself. I would classify it as hate speech! No one should be allowed to say anything that offends another or makes them feel uncomfortable now matter how well meaning or good their intentions.

There are some that may agree with this viewpoint but there are those with common sense that would say he potentially saved my life. How could someone think that a doctor telling a patient he has cancer is wrong? While a doctor may be required to speak up, what about me? I’m not a doctor but I now know the symptoms of thyroid cancer and I know where the thyroid gland is in the neck and I know where to look for swelling. Should I speak up?(though I can only speak with a whisper at the moment) If I notice someone constantly clearing their throat and see swelling in their lower throat area, should I talk to them about a possible hidden danger or should I mind my own business? Is it loving to allow someone to die of cancer when you might be able to help?

As serious as cancer is there is something that is a greater threat to people, it is called sin. I’m not a preacher but I am a Christian, perhaps that makes me more of a preacher than having cancer makes me a doctor but if I notice someone with the symptoms of spiritual cancer, do I not have a responsibility to speak up, to make them aware of the danger as well as the only cure? Is it loving to allow someone to die and receive eternal judgement in hell because current public opinion says I should keep my Christian beliefs to myself?

Matthew 10:28 (KJV)

28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

At no point has my doctors scolded, chastised, threatened, belittled, blamed or condemned me for having cancer, they are doing their best to help me remove it from my body. Likewise I should treat anyone to which I am attempting to help with spiritual cancer in their lives.

God Bless!


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