What is the Gospel?

If someone were to walk up to you and ask, “What is the Gospel?”, how would you respond?

It’s the Good News!

OK…Good news about what?

Uh, well, you know….it is God’s story of sending His son, Jesus, to die for sinful man.

And…is that it?

Well… He rose again!

Anything else?

How simple or complex should an explanation of the Gospel be? Kevin previously provided us with a link to a blog post by Trevin Wax, A Summary of the Bible in 311 Words(personally I think he should have found some way to have pushed the count to 316, after all 316 is a sanctified number, right?), during a previous discussion about the Gospel but that seems a bit long to whip out on someone in a casual conversation.

What does the term gospel even mean?

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia defines the Gospel:


gos’-pel (to euaggelion):

The word gospel is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word which meant “the story concerning God.” In the New Testament the Greek word euaggelion, means “good news.” It proclaims tidings of deliverance. The word sometimes stands for the record of the life of our Lord (Mark 1:1), embracing all His teachings, as in Acts 20:24. But the word “gospel” now has a peculiar use, and describes primarily the message which Christianity announces. “Good news” is its significance. It means a gift from God. It is the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins and sonship with God restored through Christ. It means remission of sins and reconciliation with God. The gospel is not only a message of salvation, but also the instrument through which the Holy Spirit works (Romans 1:16).

So again I ask, What is the Gospel?

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